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Seasonal Menu

Holiday Menu

To Order: Email and include information for local delivery or pick-up. Local delivery is an extra $10 charge. Interested in a special order? Email me!



Cardamom Pear (Dairy-Free) Spiced with ground ginger and cardamom and dotted with pear pieces.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (Dairy-Free) Pure pumpkin and warm fall spices, dotted with chocolate chips.

Box of 4 mini cakes 3.5”/$18

Large cake 8” /$24

Carrot Cake Spiced with cinnamon and dotted with walnut pieces and raisins. Topped with Cream Cheese Frosting (not Dairy-Free)

2 layer 8”/ $45  



Chocolate Chip (Vegan) Slightly chewy vanilla dough cookie with chocolate chips and a hint of coconut. Box of one dozen/$18


Pecan Bars

Classic Pecan Bars (Vegan) Pecans nestled in a rich vanilla caramel on a shortbread cookie crust.

Chocolate Pecan Bars (Vegan) Pecans nestled in a rich vanilla caramel on melted chocolate and a chocolate shortbread cookie crust.

Box of 4- one flavor/$18

Box of 12- optional 6 of each flavor/$52