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Wild Hearts is about eating well, feeling well and living



For You

Are you or a loved one newly diagnosed and need to eat a gluten-free diet? Or maybe you've been gluten-free but need a refresh or support? Over the years I have become comfortable eating 100% gluten-free without feeling deprived, and I can help you get there too. I don't offer nutrition advice, I just make it easier for you to eat gluten-free comfortably, deliciously and with less stress!

The Gluten-Free Pantry List


Now a days there are so many gluten-free products on the shelves, it's hard to distinguish what tastes good and what's going to work for you. It's a bummer to spend $5 on a little box of crackers that you don't like. So I've done the research and taste-tested, and put it all in an easy to read and easy to access document. You'll receive a document with my favorite gluten-free items that taste great, where to find them, which ones are worth the money, and as a bonus they're often toddler and husband (who can eat gluten) approved! 

The Gluten-Free Week of Recipes (Fall Edition)

I have been cooking gluten-free for my family for years and have come up with some really tasty recipes that are simple, easy and on the healthy side. These meals sometimes satisfy my toddler and are always reviewed by my husband (who can eat gluten)! I prefer to cook mostly from scratch using whole foods, but I also have a few short-cuts that just make life easier. You'll receive a document with my go-to dinner, breakfast and dessert recipes for Fall with suggestions for left-overs, and how to change them up for other recipe ideas. 

The Gluten-Free Package

I work, run a small food business, am on a budget, have a son and do the food planning, shopping and cooking for the family. I make eating gluten-free on a budget work for me and my family so we can feel happy and healthy and I want to support you too! You'll get The Gluten-Free Pantry List, The Gluten-Free Week of Recipes,  plus emails and phone-calls with me for support. 




For Restaurants

I offer menu development and labeling, recipe development and consulting services to restaurants, bakeries and coffee-shops. With more gluten-free options on a menu customers feel safer, servers get fewer questions, and restaurants get more sales.

Menu Development

Often restaurants have gluten-free options that are too limited, mislabeled or are missing out on options that can easily be made gluten-free. With Menu development, I will review your current menu for gluten-free options, help develop a menu with more gluten-free options; and offer tips on how to label items on your menu for a friendlier gluten-free experience.  Email me for menu development fees and details. 

Recipe Development

Gluten-free food can be varied and delicious, but creating recipes can be daunting to people not familiar with the specifics of eating gluten-free.  I will work with you to create gluten-free recipes and/or desserts for your business. Email me for recipe development fees and details. 


I know the needs of people very sensitive to gluten and have worked in a shared kitchen. Food establishments can offer gluten-free options with good preparation, knowledge, separation and labeling. I will visit your place of business and review your space for cross-contamination risks and offer tips on how to make the kitchen safer for a friendlier gluten-free experience for your customers. Email me for consulting fees and details.