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My Schedule These Days

Mollie Mahon

When I first started Wild Hearts in September of 2015 I was in my 11th year of teaching full-time elementary art, our son, James would turn 1 in October, and I joined Union Kitchen, DC. I baked in the evenings and did markets and pop-ups on a lot of weekends. I quickly spent all of the money we had saved and allotted for the new business (about $10,000) and built up lots of credit card debt (about $10,000). Everything about the business was new to me and I learned so much. One of the biggest eye-openers was how expensive kitchen rents are, how hard it was so bake enough to cover those costs, and how hard it was to get into stores in order to sell retail. After that first year I moved out of Union Kitchen, cancelled my DC business license, rented space from a local bakery and got a VA business license, which I feel more comfortable with. 

Here's how things have changed since then:

1. I moved into my home kitchen, where I still am. I'm considering renting from another local business, looking into getting my home kitchen certified, or just continuing on as a cottage business out of my home.

2. I quit quick books online and created my own spread sheet, decided to go less frequently to the farmer's market, and I keep changing some of my options and pricing. I put myself on a strict budget, made a plan to pay off the debt I accrued and have made small changes to my spending habits (mainly doing our food shopping at Aldi which has saved us SO much money each month). 

3. I realized that for so many reasons, it's too much for me to run Wild Hearts as a bigger business. While some times I feel like I'm missing out and I see other companies pushing ahead of me, hiring employees, getting into more stores and selling at more markets, that's actually not what I want right now. 

4. What works for me right now is teaching part-time so that I have a good and consistent salary and health insurance for my family. When I started Wild Hearts I thought I was going to quit teaching that year. What ended up working for me is cutting back on both things: teaching less and baking less. 

5. Now our son, James has started at a parent co-op preschool. I'm able to participate with school and be home with him every single Monday and is something I really, really want. I wouldn't be able to do that if I was teaching full-time or scrambling to bake all hours of the day in order to bring in enough money. 

6. I'm off every Friday and have it as a dedicated me/bake/work on other things day. Some weekends I'm doing markets, but not every weekend. It is really hard to work full-time, be a new parent, have ideas and desires for other creative endeavors and businesses, and hustle to fit them in on evenings and weekends. It's so hard. Everything is work and takes time. And I have found that in order for me to do all of those things and also feel happy, healthy, fulfilled, loving, creative and confident, I need time for myself. My goals these days are to keep Wild Hearts small, manageable and profitable; generally slow down and do less, pay off credit card debt, spend time with James, and make time for creativity. 

Day Trip to Sperryville, VA

Mollie Mahon

My family and I live in an old row house. We call it our city house to help us appreciate the small space, noise, alley and general lack of privacy. One day we'll buy a house in the country and for now we take day trips to get out of town.

There is so much to see around here! You can drive an hour in any direction and find a little town with at least one good place to eat, a few cute shops, and outdoorsy stuff like parks, trails or a river. We started these outings when we got our dog, Clover, because she's very bored and stubborn on our neighborhood walks. But she absolutely loves being in the woods and creeks. Then we continued when James, our son, was born because he would calm down in the fresh air. He also naps great in the car on our long drives, so win-win.

My husband, Chris, loves to drive and explore and I love to eat and shop. I'm always on the prowl for gluten-free anything and local, hand-made food and art. Sperryville has been on my list to visit because Wildroots Apothecary has a new storefront out there. The owner, Colleen, is part of Union Kitchen (where I was for my first year of business). I love her packaging and I've wanted to try her botanical syrups. There is also a freaking gluten-free bakery in Sperryville! Triple Oak Bakery was closed the day we went and is no longer open for walk-ins, but next time we're out that way I'll place an order ahead of time and pick it up. I have to try it! Sperryville is a very small town in Rapphannock County to the West of here. It's close to little Washington and Shenandoah National Park.

Here are some pictures from our recent day-trip we took before Christmas to Sperryville, VA. 

We ate at Headmaster's Pub which is set in a beautiful old school building and connected to an antique store. There is a very charming back room with twinkly lights, mounted animal heads and pool tables. Make sure to ask about the gluten-free options. I had the bacon bbq burger with gluten-free bread! The bread got a little soggy from the BBQ sauce and gigantic burger, next time I'll go without or get it on the side, but it was tasty and I always like to try.

Then we took a walk down water street behind the pub. Go over the little bridge and you'll find the River Arts District where we bought some whiskey at Copper Fox Distillery and stopped in Pen Druid Brewing to check it out, and wanted to stay forever. Really friendly and welcoming, a fire going in an old cast iron stove, low key wood tables and twinkly lights, and lots of good outdoor seating for when it warms up. We'll be coming back here to hang out. No food (I'm hoping for some food trucks in the Spring!) or gluten-free drinks so you'll have to plan ahead for that.

Wild Roots Apothecary shares space with Flourish Root Florals. This store is beautiful, earthy and magical. I want to live here, work here and order all of my future floral needs from here. I finally bought the botanical syrups I've been coveting and went with Lemon Cardamom and Nettle Orange. I've been cutting out alcohol so I mixed a little syrup with sparkling water and lemon juice and it was amazing!

We didn't get to main street on our visit. When we go back to Sperryville we'll stop in more places and eat at Thornton River Grille, have coffee at Before & After and shop for pottery. Visit Discover Shenandoah to see what else is out there!

Welcome to Wild Hearts Baking Co.

Mollie Mahon


Hi, I'm Mollie, and welcome to Wild Hearts Baking Co.!  Started in September, 2015, I make gluten-free and paleo baked goods and cakes. 

I have Celiac disease and feel best when I eat gluten free, less sugar and when I don't feel restricted. I prefer simple flavors, quality ingredients, and love that people can have my treats and still feel good about what they're eating.  

Wild Hearts Baking Co. is a small food business in Northern Virginia. 

Follow along on Instagram, and Pinterest and email me at for inquiries, orders or to say Hi!